Sustainable Packaging

Personalized Herbals values sustainable practices. We strive to create products with zero waste packaging.

Herbals Teas

100% biodegradable Packaging.


Candles are low-waste. There is an adhesive sticker assuring the wick is safely secured.

Pro Tip: Reuse candle vessel as plant pot or pencil jar.

Herbal Baths

May compost bath bags & herbs after use.

Feel free to reuse essential oil bottle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are fragrance oils vs. essential oils better for the environment?

Personalized Herbals uses fragrance oils to cut down on the amount of plant material needed to create a scent-filled candle.  An incredible amount of plant material is used to make just one drop of essential oil. Versus fragrance oils, which mitigate this need by using nature-identical isolates or synthetic compounds.

Fun Fact: It takes “242,000 rose petals to distill approximately 5 mL of rose oil,” according DoTerra’s online Plant Perspective Module.

Do fragrance oil or essential oil candles smell better?

A con to using solely essential oils to scent candles is it does not provide an amble scent when burning candles (also known as a hot-throw). Many fragrance oils are designed to stabilize scent when burned in candles.

I care about my health. Are your candles safe for consumption?

Personalized Herbals is committed to sourcing high-quality, non-toxic fragrance oils that provide elegant aromas for our candles.